Posted on: February 7, 2009 12:57 pm

Twins ST Battles

The Twins are looking to be a very good team, and they only have a couple of battles.

Utility IF: Brian Buscher vs. Matt Tolbert vs. Matt Macri   Like every team, utility IF is a battle. Macri is the most versatile, but Buscher is the best of them so he gets the nod.

5th, 6th, and 7th bullpen men:  Boof Bonser vs. Phillip Humber vs. Kevin Mulvey vs. Jason Jones vs. Bobby Korecky vs. Brian Duensing vs. Ben Julianel vs. R.A. Dickey vs. Sean Henn vs. Mike Gosling     I would bet anything Bonser would be here if he is not traded. Phillip Humber is major league ready, but I cannot see him getting this job. Kevin Mulvey is not on the 40 man roster so will not get it. Jason Jones likely could, but would have to return to the Yankees if he doesn't. Could very well be the long reliever. Bobby Korecky has some exp. in the pen so he would also get in. R.A. Dickey has the knuckleball so for him to be a reliever than they'd have to have Mauer be able to catch it. Julianel probably won't get in. Henn is a good lefty, but I don't know if he is in the top 7 based on Jones being forced to leave.

Last Man on roster: Sean Henn vs. Jason Pridie vs. Luis Matos vs. Matt Tolbert vs. Matt Macri vs. Kevin Mulvey vs. Phillip Humber vs. Brian Duesning vs. R.A. Dickey vs. Mike Gosling vs. Ben Julianel    I gave all the explanations for people not getting in on other battles so I am just going to give this to Henn ober Pridie.

Notable players not on team: Jason Pridie, Luis Matos, Matt Tolbert, Matt Macri, Kevin Mulvey, Phillip Humber, Brian Duesning, R.A. Dickey, Mike Gosling, Ben Julianel

Joe Mauer, Justin Morneau, Brendan Harris, Nick Punto, Alexi Casilla, Delmon Young, Carlos Gomez, Michael Cuddyer, Jason Kubel  Mike Redmon, Brian Buscher, Denard Span

Francisco Liriano, Glenn Perkins, Scott Baker, Kevin Slowey, Nick Blackburn          Joe Nathan, Jesse Crain, Matt Guerrier, Craig Breslow, Bobby Korecky, Jason Jones, Boof Bonser, Sean Henn

Out for year: Pat Neshek

This is all assuming Mauer is ready for opening day


Posted on: January 30, 2009 4:46 pm

Yankee Rule 5 Draft Selections

Do not know why I never made a post on this. 2B Reegie Corona was selected by the Mariners, SP Jason Jones was selected by the Twins, SP Ivan Nova was selected by the Padres, and RP Zack Kroenke was selected by the Marlins. None of them are major league ready.

Ivan Nova could stay even though the highest he pitched was High A ball. This is because of the recent injury to Scott Patterson. He would be the 8th relief pitcher for the team.

2B Reegie Corona would have stayed in Seattle as a utility man despite not being ready based on their rebuilding mode. Now, the Mariners have traded Aaron Heilman and received Ronny Cedeno who is a middle infielder. This lessens the chance of Corona staying.

Jason Jones has a shot at making the Twins bullpen because of the injury that forces RP Pat Neshek to sit out the entire season. The 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th spots in the Twins bullpen are up for grabs. Knuckleballer R. A. Dickey, former Yankee lefty Sean Henn, Mike Gosling, recent 40 man roster addition Brian Duensing, Bobby Korecky, Bobby Keppel, Rob Delaney and Spring training invitee and minor league closer Ben Julianel are all competing for the 4 spots. SP Boof Bonser, Phillip Humber, Kevin Mulvey, and Anthony Swarzak could all compete for a long relief spot especially if Bonser is not traded and Humber is deemed major league ready. This could make Jason Jones more likely ro return, but albeit his competition is not very great.

Zack Kroenke, although the most ready of the bunch has the stiffest competition and is therefore the most likely to return. The Marlins have their bullpen almost set and he is behind many players in case of injury. Him getting the spring training is very nice.


However the interesting thing is that these players still have to make it the entire season. Last year Michael Gardner was selected and returned. Ivan Nova could return if there is an injury to a position player even so this is very delicate.

Also to note Josue Selenes was selected because we didn't protect him for the triple A section. He has no chance of returning. The Yankees wouldn't want him back anyway.


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