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Posted on: January 31, 2009 11:24 am

Rangers Spring Training Battles

The Rangers don't appear to be going anywhere this year either. They are not as bad as the Mariners...yet.

SS: Omar Vizquel vs. Elvis Andrus      Andrus is going in with the position as his, but I think he will get the job in June when he is more ready.

1B/DH: Frank Catalanato vs. Chris Davis vs. Hank Blalock   Catalano does not have as much to offer as the other to and he is versatile meaning that he will ikely make the team as a bench player.

Utility IF: German Duran vs. Travis Metcalf vs. Joaquin Arias   This job could be Vizquel's in June. I still think Metcalf is the best of them, but Duran is the most likely to get it.

C/back up C: Jarrod Saltalamacchia vs. Taylor Teagarden vs. Max Ramirez vs. Adam Melhuse           This is Salty's job, but he still could be traded. Teams options right now are him vs. Pudge vs. Teagarden. Don't really know what the Rangers want to do here. Melhuse has been a good career back up and could be an AAA back up.

7th bullpen man: Omar Poveda vs. 6th SP   I guess it would be Kason Gabbard. Gabbard should win this easy. Poveda pitched in A ball last year.

4th/5th SP: Kason Gabbard vs. Brandon McCarthy vs. Dustin Nippert  McCarthy should win this in a close battle. He has the edge. There will be a lot of injuries in the rotation so Gabbard will get his chance. Nippert will get a spot easy over them. I don't think it should be as easy as it is. 

Leftovers: Max Ramirez, Adam Melhuse, Travis Metcalf, Nathan Haynes, Brandon Boggs, Joaquin Arias, Scott Feldman, Elvis Andrus and Luis Mendoza fail to make the team. Adnrus will replace Duran eventually. Feldman and Mendoza should get a chance. Melhuse and Ramirez could near the trade deadline if Teagarden/Salty are traded. Haynes was good with the Angels, but might not get a chance this year. Boggs played over 100 games last year and will not make the team of have a chance unless there is a serious injury. They have Catalanato as the 5th OF. Metcalf and Arias will likely not get a good chance to play

Jarrod Salalamacchia, Chris Davis, Hank Blalock, Ian Kinsler, Omar Vizquel, Michael Young, David Murphy, Josh Hamilton, Nelson Cruz Taylor Teagarden, Marlon Byrd, German Duran, Frank Catalanato

Kevin Millwood, Vicente Padilla, Matt Hairrion, Dustin Nippert, Brandon McCarthy         Kason Gabbard, Willie Eyre, Derrick Turnbow, Josh Rupe, Warner Madrigal, C.J. Wilson, Frank Francisco

Out for season: SP Eric Hurley

Out until July: Joaquin Benoit

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