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Posted on: May 25, 2009 4:00 pm

Yankees Prospect Rankings-June List-Top 200

1. Jesus Montero- Power hitting Catcher with MVP potential and perrenial all star  (even with Wieters, Teagarden, Salty, Tyler Flowers, and Max Ramirez in league). Could change position. In Hi A Tampa   ETA: 2012

Austin Jackson- CF likely to move to corner OF if Gardner develops well. All around player with speed, power, contact hitting, and defense. Needs to stop K'ing. In AAA Scranton      ETA: 2010

Andrew Brackman- Struggled early in year, but has found his old stuff. Likely to be Yankees ace in 2012/2013  In Low A Charleston  ETA: June/July 2011

Austin Romine- Another great catcher who will hit .300 with decent power and high RBI numbers. Much better defensively then Montero. In Hi A Tampa. ETA: 2012

5. Dellin Bentaces- I see him more as trade bait because I don't have enought condifence in him, but most love him. I think he will bust and be a number 4/5 starter. In Hi A Tampa. ETA:2012

Jeremy Bleich-Lefty starter who skipped Low A Charleston and went directly to Hi A Tampa. Although he is dominating, I expect him to be here another year. Could always be a reliever. ETA: 2012

Jairo Heredia- Talented young starting pitcher in Hi A Tampa, but has had an injury all season. I think he and Joba will both be number 2 pitcher, but sometimes you have to put one in front of the other. In Hi A Tampa. ETA: 2012

Humberto Sanchez- Recently released and then resigned. HAs enormus potential if he would keep his weight and injury proneness under control. In AA Trenton. ETA: June 2010/April 2011

George Kontos- In AAA Scranton. Most people want him to be a reliever, but I see him as the #5 starter behind Brackman, Joba, Jairo, and Wang. If we eventually go to 6 man rotations Horne would join them. I really think he is a great surprise and the yankees knew what they were scouting here. ETA: 2011

10. Zachary McAllistar- In AA Trenton. I see him as the second bust of our top 10 with Betances. He is just average. #5 starter with an average team. ETA: 2011
Brad Suttle
Arodys Vizcaino
Wilkins de la Rosa
Juan Miranda
Christian Garcia
DJ Mitchell
Manuel Banuelos
Brandon Laird
Alan Horne
Brett Marshall
Eduardo Sosa
Michael Dunn
Kelvin de Leon
Abraham Almonte
Garrison Lassiter
Ivan Nova
Anthony Claggett
Kyle Higashioka
Ryan Pope
Corban Joseph
Kevin Whelan
David Adams
Kanekoa Texeira
Eric Fryer
Carlos Urena
Justin Snyder
Chase Weems
Kevin Russo
Jonathon Ortiz
Colin Curtis
Carmen Angelini
Brad Rulon
Jose Pirela
Damon Sublett
Matthew Richardson
Edwar Gonzalez
Nik Turley
Austin Krum
Addison Maruszak
Jose Mojica
Eduardo Nunez
Marcos Vechionacci
Michael O'Brien
Patrick Venditte
Reegie Corona
David Phelps
Mitch Hilligoss
Seth Fortenberry
Jimmy Paredes
Daniel Brewer
Jorge Vazquez
Taylor Grote
Chris Malec
PJ Pillitere
Jonathon Hovis
Eric Duncan
Chris Smith
Tim Norton
Charles Nolte
Lance Pendleton
Gian Arias
Tim Battle
Zack Kroenke
Manuel Barreda
Jackson Valera
JB Cox
Kyle Anson
Reymond Nunez
Anderson Felix
Brett Smith
Melvin Croussett
Zolio Almonte
Ramon Flores
Henry Pena
Michael Lyon
Casey Erickson
Eric Wordekemper
Wandy Rufino
Mitchell Delaney
Ryan Zink
Raymond Kruml
Cory Arbiso
Andrew Shive
Josh Schmidt
Hector Noesi
Juan Marcano
Alan Atacho
Jose Valdez
Amaury Sanit
Adam Olbrychowski

Noel Castillo
Grant Duff
Francisco Rondon
Luis Parache
Craig Heyer
Daniel Kapala
Brandon Braboy
Dickson Marquez
Phillp Bartleski
Daniel Gil
Jack Rye
Jhorge Liccien
Emerson Landoni
Matt Cusick
Keny Rodriguez
Alberto Acosta
Jason Stephens
Ryan Flannery
Melky Mesa
Mitch Abeita
Damian Tavares
Michael Gardner
Jose Toussen
Elio De La Rosa
Josue Calzado
Pablo Hernandez
Yunior Tabares
Kevin Smith
Tommy Baldridge
Francisco Arcia
Walter Ibarra
Carlos Mendoza
Michael Jones
Aris De La Cruz
Ali Castillo
Kelvin Duran
Brian Baisley
Ryan Baker
Juan Rijo
Arturo Pena
Chad Gross
Zhenwhang Zheng
James Cooper
Richard Martinez
Ronald Morillo
Gabriel Tatis
Jose Gil
Luis Nunez
Paul Patterson
Joel Marte
Juan Heredia
Maicon Alves
Deivi Mojica
Jesus Palomo
Nixton Perez
Yeicok Calderon
Julian Herrera
Ronny Calderon
Nicolas Ventura
Wilkins Arias
Dawerd Cruz
Gerald Rojas
Jose Quintana
Edison Mejia
Wilfi Bravo
 Francis Moreta
Felipe Gonzalez
Sherssy Cruz
Kai Liu
Yobanny Reyes
Luilli Diaz
Luilly Baez
Arielkis Lapaix
Yaquensi Romero
Augustin Rivero
Harold Garce
Jose Ramirez
Luis Classe
Angel Mundo
Randy Arias
Elvin Orozco
Charlyn Garcia
Warlin Jimenez
Wilton Rodriguez
Julio Rojas
Francisco Santana
Isaias Alvarez
Yeider Chirinos
Luis Guillen
Steve Strausbaugh
Neall French
Josue Rodriguez
Manuel Rodino
Alejandro Martinez
Israel Tolentino
Jose Ramirez
Edwin Beard
Wilkinson Eusebio
Alcibiades Ramirez
Erick Tapia

I don't list Melancon, Robertson, Cervelli, and Aceves because they are almost non-prospects. Coke and Pena are non prospects because they have been on the roster for 45 days even though they haven't reached the IP and AB amounts.
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Posted on: February 28, 2009 11:49 am

Yankees ST Battles

LF: Xavier Nady vs. Nick Swisher     Nady should be the clear winner here

CF: Nick Swisher vs. Brett Gardner vs. Melky Cabrera    Gardner is going to be a huge asset to this team. Swisher will not be happy about this.

Utility IF: Cody Ransom vs. Angel Berroa     Ransom has more power and can play the corners giving him an advantage.

4th OF: Nick Swisher vs. Melky Cabrera: Melky can come in for defense for Nady/Damon. That givers him an advantage because we already have Ransom's bat on the bench. You don't need Swisher's

Bullpen Strength confusion Spots 4-7: Edwar Ramirez vs. Jose Veras vs. Phil Coke vs. Mark Melancon vs. David Robertson vs. Jon Albaladejo vs. Dan Giese vs. Steven Jackson vs. Phil Hughes vs. Ian Kennedy vs. Jason Johnson vs. Humberto Sanchez vs. Brett Tomko vs. Alfredo Aceves.     Edwar will have a dominant year and will be there. Coke will be there based off last year's stats. Veras will not have a great year, but it will be good enough to guarantee him a spot. I would give the last spot to Humberto, but in wake of the latest injury news I am giving it to David Robertson who will tie Melancon for the spot. Robertson gets advantage in ties. Albaladejo and Giese could be traded with potentially Miranda. Steven Jackson is already 27. He could be up very soon. Hughes and Kennedy won't really compete for the spots. They will be in AAA with Tomko, Aceves, and Jason Johnson. Eric Milton will be cut for this to happen.

25th man: Angel Berroa vs. Nick Swisher vs. Juan Miranda vs. Frank Cervelli vs. Mark Melancon vs. Dan Giese vs. Jon Albaladejo vs. Steven Jackson vs. Phil Hughes vs. Ian Kennedy vs. Jason Johnson vs. Humberto Sanchez vs. Brett Tomko vs. Alfredo Aceves    I have to go with Berroa here. He will man the MI and Ransom the CI. Unfortunately, the Yankees IF is so strong that they may not need both of them unless Berroa come in for defense. Ransom is more of a pinch hitter. Although he is the better player they may not need him. As I mentioned before several of these may be traded.

Notable Players not on roster: Juan Miranda, John Rodriguez, Justin Leone, Eric Milton, Doug Bernier, Jason Brown, Kevin Cash, Nick Swisher, Mark Melancon, Dan Giese, Jon Albaladejo, Steven Jackson, Phil Hughes, Ian Kennedy, Jason Johnson, Humberto Sanchez, Brett Tomko, Alfredo Aceves, Shelley Duncan and prospects, Jesus Montero, Austin Jackson, Andrew Brackman, Austin Romine, Wilkins de la Rosa, Michael Dunn, Colin Curtis, PJ Pillitere, Kevin Russo, Ramiro Pena, Eduardo Nunez, JB Cox, George Kontos, Kanekoa Texeira, Eric Hacker, Chris Garcia, Anthony Claggett, Kyle Andon, and Kei Igawa.

Jorge Posada, Mark Teixeira, Robinson Cano, Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez, Xavier Nady, Johnny Damon, Brett Gardner, Hideki Matsui  Cody Ransom, Angel Berroa, Jose Molina, Malky Cabrera

Andy Pettitte, CC Sabathia, AJ Burnett, Joba Chamberlain, Chien-Ming Wang   Mariano Rivera, Brian Bruney, Damaso Marte, Edwar Ramirez, Jose Veras, Phil Coke, David Robertson


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Posted on: November 22, 2008 12:59 pm

Wrapping it up

Does anyone know where Nicholas Chigges is? His status is reassigned to minors. He hasn;t pitched since early June. He was a great starter turned reliever.

Kaneoka Texiera is yet to be assiged to a minor league team.

If there are any players missing or an extra player on the Rule 5 draft post, do not hesitate to tell me.

Posted on: November 22, 2008 12:53 pm

Eligible Players for the Rule 5 draft

that are on our top 3 minor league teams.

Eric Milton-Not likely to be taken
Eric Wordekemper- I wish he could be taken
Sergio Mitre- Out until June, no way you take that risk.

Jason Jones-Maybe taken. In AA, so I don't think he will.

Ivan Nova-In only Hi A, but did lead his team in wins. Don;t think he'll be taken.
Alan Horne-Not after last years injuries.
Garret Patterson-He didn't pitch at all last year.
Jason Stephens-He struggled last year in Hi A.

Oneli Perez-Oh please let a team take him and insanely high ERA for free.
Zack Kroenke-Pitched great in AA and his short time in AAA. Not quite ready however.
JB Cox-Could very well be taken so I reccomend that the Yankees trade him. Did have injuries.
Jose Valdez-Very experienced for an AA guy. Could be taken.
Brett Smith-Please get rid of him. Too many injuries.
Michael Gardner-Taken last year, but just not ready yet.
Wilkins Arias-I guess it wouldn;t affect us if he were to be taken. Let him go.
Kevin Whelan- No way a team takes him. His control is not ready yet.

Edgar Soto- I can see him being taken and returned.
Rob Semerano-He will be cut if not taken I suppose.
Josh Schmidt- I like him and hope he is not taken, but would likely be returned.

Grant Duff--See Rob Semerano
Jesse Hoover-Such a good player. Let's hope he is not taken.
Noel Castillo--See Rob Semerano
Jason Brown PJ Pillitere Kyle Anson
Eric Duncan- I guess he could very well be leaving. 

Chris Malec-After last season it sounds very possible.
Reegie Corona- Not going to leave just yet in Rule 5 draft.

Marcos Vechionacci-Oh if any player doesn't go let it be him.
Ramiro Pena-Very good defensively. Borderline leaving.
Joseph Muich- Back up minor league catcher. Holds no significance. 

Jose Gil--See Muich
Bernie Castro-If anyone goes and stays gone it will be him. He is ready and talented and experienced and older. 

Eladio Rodriguez-Should be cut any day now
Edwar Gonzalez-4th OF. Maybe he'll be taken in the AAA portion.

Luis Nunez-Just lost his starting job. Don;t see him coming too much further.
Eduardo Nunez-Could never get a starting job.
Matt Carson-I hope he doesn't go. Another borderline guy.
Tim Battle-Another waste of talent. He was so highly touted but I always knew he wouldn't go anywhere.
James Cooper--See Edwar Gonzalez.
CJ Henry-We traded him to Phillies for Bobby Abreu and Cory Lidle. He still could make a big league team I think.

Josh Kreuzzer-Maybe in the AA or AAA portion he can be sent to the Blue Jays or Rangers which is where he came from.

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Posted on: November 22, 2008 12:31 pm

Yankees Minor league free agents

Chris Stewart, Nick Green, Scott Strickland, and Victor Zambrano are all free agents now. No surprises if we don;t bring them back

Billy Traber and Chris Basak are also both free agents. I expect them to be back next season with AA and AAA respectively. Basak was signed from the Twins during the season. Traber was DFAd in September.

In a surprise anouncement, the Yankees have released Cody Ehlers. He is our AA left handed hitting first baseman. He struggled hitting only .200 this season. He was expected to be a decent MLB player. I expect him to find a team quickly.


Also just to list some of last years cuts that are still free agents:Chris Raber, Frank Lonigro, James LaSala, Nick Peterson, Ryan Wehrle, Link Saunders, Michael Hyde, Justin Segal, Jake Shafer, and Garry Gattis

DJ Hollingsworth and Chris Farley are both with the A's. JD Closser and Greg Porter, cut at mid season both found teams.


Posted on: November 21, 2008 7:53 pm

New players on 40 man roster

At the start of the offseason, Wilkins de la Rosa and Eric Hacker were added. Neither of these players should be on the roster too long this year. de la Rosa is a decent starter, but isn't ready. Hacker is a log reliever/ 5 starter. He isn't quite ready either. Steven Jackson was called up now and is very good in the bullpen. Expect to see him this season a little.  He was acquired in the RJ trade.  Chris Garcia will not be seen this season and do not expect to see him ever. He is very overrated and must be traded. In my first post you probably saw the amount of SP we have. He is no where near these guys. Michael Dunn was also called up. He is underrated and I really like him. Michael Dunn would probably best be a reliever, but I am not sure what the Yankees plan to do with him. I think this is the best thing to do. Would be better than most of our current good set-up men and a little less tha a closer like Jon Ortiz, Melancon, Whelan or Venditte. Anthony Claggett was received in the Sheffield trade. Claggett is a good middle reliever, but I thik he is a good starter. Now we need him to be a long reliever because of a our surpluss of relievers.
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