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Posted on: March 15, 2009 10:23 am
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Posted on: March 15, 2009 9:27 am

Final March Madness Predictions


1/16 Pitt/Chattanooga-Morehead St.      2/15 Memphis/Robert Morris  3/14  Mizzou/Buffalo    4/13 Washington/E Tenn St.   5/12 Illinois/VCU   6/11 LSU/USC   7/10 West Virginia/Dayton   8/9  BYU/BC (Gah! I hate both teams in that match up)


1/16 Louisville/Morgan St.  2/15  Kansas/Cornell  3/14 Wake/North Dakota St.  4/13 Purdue/Cleveland St.  5/12 Xavier/Northern Iowa  6/11 Tennessee/Maryland  7/10 Utah/Minnesota  8/9 Texas/Cal


1/16  UNC/Alabama St.  2/15 Michigan St./Binghamton  3/14  Villanova/American  4/13  Syracuse/Western Kentcuky  5/12 UCLA/Mississippi St. or Temple   6/11 Gonzaga/Utah St.  7/10 Clemson/Michigan  8/9 Butler/Texas A&M


1/16 UCONN/Northridge  2/15 Duke/Radford  3/14 Oklahoma/Portland St. 4/13 Florida St./Stephen F. Austin  5/12 Arizona St./Temple or Saint Mary's  6/11 Marquette/San Diego St.  7/10 Ohio St./Siena  8/9 Oklahoma St./Wisconsin


Some problems you might have: Oklahoma is a 3 when Kansas is a 2, LSU is a 6 when West Virginia is a 7, and UCONN is a 1 when Memphis is a 2, and Utah is a 7 when BYU is an 8.

Most problems you have other than these are because the Big 10, ACC, and Big East have 3 regions of 2 and 1 region of 1. In the regions of 2, one team must be on 1, 16, 5, 8, 12, 9, 4, 13 half of the bracket and the other must be on the other side to prevent a match up in the Sweet 16. Other problems may have been in conferences liek the MWC, SEC, and A-10 whereI had to move a team a seed up or down to prevent them from being in the same conference.

If Mississippi St. win the SEC then they are in. If they lose, then Saint MAry's becomes the last team in.

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