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Posted on: November 21, 2008 7:53 pm

New players on 40 man roster

At the start of the offseason, Wilkins de la Rosa and Eric Hacker were added. Neither of these players should be on the roster too long this year. de la Rosa is a decent starter, but isn't ready. Hacker is a log reliever/ 5 starter. He isn't quite ready either. Steven Jackson was called up now and is very good in the bullpen. Expect to see him this season a little.  He was acquired in the RJ trade.  Chris Garcia will not be seen this season and do not expect to see him ever. He is very overrated and must be traded. In my first post you probably saw the amount of SP we have. He is no where near these guys. Michael Dunn was also called up. He is underrated and I really like him. Michael Dunn would probably best be a reliever, but I am not sure what the Yankees plan to do with him. I think this is the best thing to do. Would be better than most of our current good set-up men and a little less tha a closer like Jon Ortiz, Melancon, Whelan or Venditte. Anthony Claggett was received in the Sheffield trade. Claggett is a good middle reliever, but I thik he is a good starter. Now we need him to be a long reliever because of a our surpluss of relievers.
Posted on: November 7, 2008 10:22 am

Yankees Top 15 Prospects

Hey, I have changed the name of my blog from Sports and more sports to this. Now I can focus on one topic. I might talk about a couple of other sports on this also.

Jesus Montero- We all know him. His power is uncanny and divine. The only ? is where do we play him. He is a Catcher with the stature of Big Papi. I really like him at DH. Could we really play him at 1B?
Austin Romine-The reason Montero won;t be catching-Romine is a great defensive catcher and has offense just a bit under that of Montero in different ways of producing.
Jairo Heredia-He has the potential to be our #1 starter, but could wind up at #2. He struggled towards the end of this season, but it absolutely magnificent.
Austin Jackson-Which OF position do we play him at? I say LF in 2010. Damon can move to DH/1B and Nady will be signed for 2 draft picks and Damon will be resigned. Abreu should still be in RF. Matsui will be gone by then. Tabata can eventually come back and replace Abreu I hope. I was so disappointed after his trade to Pittsburgh.
Andrew Brackman-Hard rating a guy who hasn't played so I am basing this on projections. If Heredia is the #2 then he is the #1.
Kevin Whelan-Way out of control, but has the potential to be a closer. Doesn't fare too well versus lefties.
Humberto Sanchez-Supposed to be a starter, but I think it would be better to make him a set-up man/closer with a lefty heavy line up. He has had too many career threatening injuries.
Jonathon Ortiz-Yet another one of the great closers in our system. Ortiz is currently in Low A, but put on a show last year. Should be a good 7th/8th inning guy.
Patrick Venditte-The switch handed pitcher was lights out in Short Season A this year. He was the closer of that team. In the majors he could either be a very funky situational pitcher or a 7th inning guy. I don't know how you have a situational pitcher that pitches with both hands...yet.
Alan Horne-Has the potential to be a #3 starter, but with all the pitchers in the Yankees org. he miht only become a #4 or #5. Depends on Joba, Wang, Kennedy, Brackman, Jairo. Kennedy might be a good long reliever option. An effective on albeit.
Mark Melancon-Another good closer, but slightly overrated. He seems like he won't pitch for the yankees in the already crowded bullpen for more than a year or 2.
George Kontos-If Horne is #5 then he is #6. We must carry 6 SP. He is awesome. He has gotten into a little trouble, but not as bad as Joba. He still as great potential. In Double A.
David Adams-I have gotten to see this guy play a ton of times. He must be Jeter's replacement. He is a 2B, but we do not have a good SS. A-Rod will be here when Jeter retires. Move him to SS soon. Vechionacci/Suttle could play 3B.
Jeremy Bleich-Hate rating guys I haven't seen pitch in person.I don't really know if he coud pitch in the bullpen or in a crowded rotation. We'll see how he turns out.
Jeff Marquez-Another guy. Saw him pitch once. Was average. Don't know how he fits into a rotation like ours. I don;t really even include Betances, who pitched absolutely terrible 2x when I saw him. Marquez has played better in games I haven't seen him. Don't know what to tell you here.

Seth Fortenberry- Best OF arm. Good Defensive replacement. Might be better than Mondesi
Marcos Vechionacci-Great arm in the IF. His 3B skills are like no others. I even have a picture of him in my living room.
Francisco Cervelli-Very good Defensive catcher. Could be a long time reserve catcher.                                                                                     Justin Christian-Uncanny speed like Brett Gardner. Future Pinch runner.

I consider Gardner already in the majors and far too late for him to make this list b/c it really is for minor leaguers.       

Posted on: April 24, 2008 7:52 pm
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