Posted on: February 28, 2009 12:18 pm

Season Predictions

AL East  1) Rays 2) Yankees* 3) Blue Jays 4) Red Sox 5) Orioles

AL Central  1) Royals 2) Twins 3) Tigers 4) White Sox 5) Indians

AL West 1) Angels 2) A's 3) Rangers 4) Mariners

NL East 1) Phillies 2) Mets 3) Nationals 4) Marlins 5) Braves

NL Central 1) Cardinals 2) Cubs 3) Pirates 4) Reds 5) Astros 6) Brewers

NL West: 1) Dodgers 2) D'backs* 3) Rockies 4) Giants 5) Padres

First Player traded: Jake Peavy (maybe the yankees have CC and AJ get injured and they throw out an undeclinable package with Hughes and Aceves)

AL MVP: Alex Rodriguez

NL MVP: Albert Pujols

AL Rookie of Year: Matt Wieters (In a blowout)

NL Rookie of the year: Colby Rasmus (Maybin will be close)

AL Comeback player of the year: Jorge Posada

NL Comeback player of the year: Troy Tulowitzski (although I want to say Nick Johnson)

AL Cy Young: Joba Chamberlain 

NL Cy Young: Brandon Webb

AL Manager of the Year: Trey Hillman

NL Manager of the Year: John Russell

AL Relief Man: Mariano Rivera

NL Relief Man: Francisco Rodriguez

A lot of you may not see the Royals, Pirates, Brewers, and Indians the same way. Maybe you have the Jays and Sox switched or D'backs/Dodgers or Cubs/Cardinals or Mets/Phillies or Yankee/Rays. The Royals will be led by Billy Butler and Mike Jacobs and I am so excited to see them. The Indians will not have Cliff Lee the same way he was last year. The Brewers will only have Braun and Fielder, but they will have no one good on a pitching staff as Hoffman gets very few saves.

The Pirates will be led by Ross Ohlendhorf, Jeff Karstens, Tom Gorzelanny, Ian Snell, Zach Duke, and Paul Maholm. One of those might be a great long reliever. Dan McCutchen will not pitch well at all, but as Jose Tabata progresses it appears they ripped the yankees off with Damaso Marte's struggles. Outside of Capps, Yates, Grabow, and one of the aforementioned startes, the bullpen will struggle which will lose them many games. Hinske will be valuable off the bench. They will have an abundance of OF's and McCutchen will be starting soon. Moss/Pearce/Salazar/Craig Monroe will be their excess in the OF. They will have to cut one. Jose Tabata will be here in 2010 at the end. The IF is weak and they don't have a lot of good minor leaguers, but they could have a good team b/c of the rotation and OF for a coupel of years.

BTW, I want to choose the Reds to go far, but they disappoint me every year so I have my expectations low. Volquez, Bruce, Cueto and Votto will lead them I hope.

Also I might have high expectations for Joba, but I really think he will be CY Young

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