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Posted on: November 7, 2008 10:22 am

Yankees Top 15 Prospects

Hey, I have changed the name of my blog from Sports and more sports to this. Now I can focus on one topic. I might talk about a couple of other sports on this also.

Jesus Montero- We all know him. His power is uncanny and divine. The only ? is where do we play him. He is a Catcher with the stature of Big Papi. I really like him at DH. Could we really play him at 1B?
Austin Romine-The reason Montero won;t be catching-Romine is a great defensive catcher and has offense just a bit under that of Montero in different ways of producing.
Jairo Heredia-He has the potential to be our #1 starter, but could wind up at #2. He struggled towards the end of this season, but it absolutely magnificent.
Austin Jackson-Which OF position do we play him at? I say LF in 2010. Damon can move to DH/1B and Nady will be signed for 2 draft picks and Damon will be resigned. Abreu should still be in RF. Matsui will be gone by then. Tabata can eventually come back and replace Abreu I hope. I was so disappointed after his trade to Pittsburgh.
Andrew Brackman-Hard rating a guy who hasn't played so I am basing this on projections. If Heredia is the #2 then he is the #1.
Kevin Whelan-Way out of control, but has the potential to be a closer. Doesn't fare too well versus lefties.
Humberto Sanchez-Supposed to be a starter, but I think it would be better to make him a set-up man/closer with a lefty heavy line up. He has had too many career threatening injuries.
Jonathon Ortiz-Yet another one of the great closers in our system. Ortiz is currently in Low A, but put on a show last year. Should be a good 7th/8th inning guy.
Patrick Venditte-The switch handed pitcher was lights out in Short Season A this year. He was the closer of that team. In the majors he could either be a very funky situational pitcher or a 7th inning guy. I don't know how you have a situational pitcher that pitches with both hands...yet.
Alan Horne-Has the potential to be a #3 starter, but with all the pitchers in the Yankees org. he miht only become a #4 or #5. Depends on Joba, Wang, Kennedy, Brackman, Jairo. Kennedy might be a good long reliever option. An effective on albeit.
Mark Melancon-Another good closer, but slightly overrated. He seems like he won't pitch for the yankees in the already crowded bullpen for more than a year or 2.
George Kontos-If Horne is #5 then he is #6. We must carry 6 SP. He is awesome. He has gotten into a little trouble, but not as bad as Joba. He still as great potential. In Double A.
David Adams-I have gotten to see this guy play a ton of times. He must be Jeter's replacement. He is a 2B, but we do not have a good SS. A-Rod will be here when Jeter retires. Move him to SS soon. Vechionacci/Suttle could play 3B.
Jeremy Bleich-Hate rating guys I haven't seen pitch in person.I don't really know if he coud pitch in the bullpen or in a crowded rotation. We'll see how he turns out.
Jeff Marquez-Another guy. Saw him pitch once. Was average. Don't know how he fits into a rotation like ours. I don;t really even include Betances, who pitched absolutely terrible 2x when I saw him. Marquez has played better in games I haven't seen him. Don't know what to tell you here.

Seth Fortenberry- Best OF arm. Good Defensive replacement. Might be better than Mondesi
Marcos Vechionacci-Great arm in the IF. His 3B skills are like no others. I even have a picture of him in my living room.
Francisco Cervelli-Very good Defensive catcher. Could be a long time reserve catcher.                                                                                     Justin Christian-Uncanny speed like Brett Gardner. Future Pinch runner.

I consider Gardner already in the majors and far too late for him to make this list b/c it really is for minor leaguers.       

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