Posted on: January 30, 2009 7:06 pm

Athletics Spring Battles and Roster

The A's have the biggest log jam in the OF. The 4th/5th OF are yet to be determined.

4th and 5th OF: Travis Buck vs. Chris Denorfia vs. Rajai Davis vs. Aaron Cunningham vs. Ben Copeland vs. Eric Patterson vs. Matt Carson.

Travis Buck is the best. Denorfia is a good veteran. Patterson is more of a 2B. Rajai Davis is decent. Aaron Cunningham had a good rookie year. Matt Carson is an ex yankee minor leaguer, but might not be ready yet. Copeland was a rule 5 draft selection, but I think he will be returned. Patterson could be away from the organization soon. Buck and Rajai are who should be kept. Denorfia will compete closely. Cunningham will also.

3B: Eric Chavez vs. Jack Hannahan

Chavez, although much better, will not be ready for the start of the year. Hannahan will start the season there. Baisley or Eric Patterson may start the season on the team while Chavez is on the DL. I think Chavez will eventually get the job back.

5th SP: Josh Outman vs. Dallas Braden

Both very young. Outman is in his 2nd year. Braden is entering his 3rd. I give the job to Braden for he pitched better and 3x as much last year.

6th and 7th RP: Jeff Gray vs. Kevin Cameron vs. Chris Schroder.

Gray really should not have a chance. Schroder had a good year 2 years ago. Kevin Cameron is really good. He should make the team. Schroder has a good shot because Gray is out.

Ryan Webb, the the 6th SP, and Jerome Williams might also have an effect on the bullpen.

Kurt Suzuki, Jason Giambi, Daric Barton, Mark Ellis, Bobby Crosby, Jack Hannahan, Matt Holliday, Ryan Sweeney, Jack Cust                  Rob Bowen, Jeff Baisley, Rajai Davis, Travis Buck

Justin Duchscherer, Sean Gallagher, Dana Eveland, Gio Gonzalez, Dallas Braden                               Brad Ziegler, Joey Devine, Jerry Blevins, Santiago Cassilla, Russ Springer, Chris Schroder, Kevin Cameron

When Eric Chavez is signed, Hannahan takes a seat on the bench and Baisley is left out. If Denorfia and Eric Patterson are eligible to go to the minors then they will have some team down there with Aaron Cunningham and Matt Carson joining them. Ben Copeland would be sent back to the Giants. When Baisley is sent down to join Cliff Pennington, Yung Chi-Chen, and Tagg Bozied the IF will be good as well. The A's have a nice bunch of young players. Bozied is not very young though just to point out.

If the A's want to have a good season then Matt Holliday has to prove to be able to hit. Dallas Braden is going to have to reach 10 wins. That shouldn't be too hard with the A's back end of the bullpen. They will be impossible to beat. Bobby Crosby is a liaility at the plate. They will also need to have Daric Barton hit well and hope Giambi can act like he did in his first stint if that is even possible without steroids. Travis Buck is really good defensively. The A's pitching is already good enough and they need production from the hitting. Gio Gonzalez also needs to bring his ERA down. Gallagher might have to as well.

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