Posted on: November 22, 2008 12:53 pm

Eligible Players for the Rule 5 draft

that are on our top 3 minor league teams.

Eric Milton-Not likely to be taken
Eric Wordekemper- I wish he could be taken
Sergio Mitre- Out until June, no way you take that risk.

Jason Jones-Maybe taken. In AA, so I don't think he will.

Ivan Nova-In only Hi A, but did lead his team in wins. Don;t think he'll be taken.
Alan Horne-Not after last years injuries.
Garret Patterson-He didn't pitch at all last year.
Jason Stephens-He struggled last year in Hi A.

Oneli Perez-Oh please let a team take him and insanely high ERA for free.
Zack Kroenke-Pitched great in AA and his short time in AAA. Not quite ready however.
JB Cox-Could very well be taken so I reccomend that the Yankees trade him. Did have injuries.
Jose Valdez-Very experienced for an AA guy. Could be taken.
Brett Smith-Please get rid of him. Too many injuries.
Michael Gardner-Taken last year, but just not ready yet.
Wilkins Arias-I guess it wouldn;t affect us if he were to be taken. Let him go.
Kevin Whelan- No way a team takes him. His control is not ready yet.

Edgar Soto- I can see him being taken and returned.
Rob Semerano-He will be cut if not taken I suppose.
Josh Schmidt- I like him and hope he is not taken, but would likely be returned.

Grant Duff--See Rob Semerano
Jesse Hoover-Such a good player. Let's hope he is not taken.
Noel Castillo--See Rob Semerano
Jason Brown PJ Pillitere Kyle Anson
Eric Duncan- I guess he could very well be leaving. 

Chris Malec-After last season it sounds very possible.
Reegie Corona- Not going to leave just yet in Rule 5 draft.

Marcos Vechionacci-Oh if any player doesn't go let it be him.
Ramiro Pena-Very good defensively. Borderline leaving.
Joseph Muich- Back up minor league catcher. Holds no significance. 

Jose Gil--See Muich
Bernie Castro-If anyone goes and stays gone it will be him. He is ready and talented and experienced and older. 

Eladio Rodriguez-Should be cut any day now
Edwar Gonzalez-4th OF. Maybe he'll be taken in the AAA portion.

Luis Nunez-Just lost his starting job. Don;t see him coming too much further.
Eduardo Nunez-Could never get a starting job.
Matt Carson-I hope he doesn't go. Another borderline guy.
Tim Battle-Another waste of talent. He was so highly touted but I always knew he wouldn't go anywhere.
James Cooper--See Edwar Gonzalez.
CJ Henry-We traded him to Phillies for Bobby Abreu and Cory Lidle. He still could make a big league team I think.

Josh Kreuzzer-Maybe in the AA or AAA portion he can be sent to the Blue Jays or Rangers which is where he came from.

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